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KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 5 (Bernama) --

Keeping up to its name, Prince Court Medical Centre has for the first time come up with ‘unique choices of multi-cultural creation of dishes’ for its in-patients to suit their taste buds and health conditions while recovering from illnesses and surgeries.

The sumptuous delights for breakfast, lunch and dinner were created with great care and perfection, including looking into its calorie contents, by our in-house dieticians and chefs.

Head of Hospitality Support Services Ramli Jasam said “After three months of brainstorming we came up with our very own exquisite choice of dishes that will help our in-patients eat well, get well and leave the hospital feeling good.”

The meticulously prepared meals come in four packages – regular, therapeutic, soft – and baby.

“We have also taken into account special meals for those with certain food allergies,” said Ramli.

He said fresh fruits and vegetables make up all the freshly prepared food, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner without compromising on its nutrients and enzymes to ensure a patient gets a well balanced diet to expedite his/her speedy recovery.

“We offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals for adults and children. Inpatients are also given different set of meal choices every day for each of the meal,” he said, adding its seven different choices of meals for seven days a week.

Citing an example for a Regular Diet on a Monday menu, Ramli said, for breakfast a patient to have either hard boiled eggs, scramble eggs or fried eggs served with freshly baked bread, baked beans and grilled tomatoes or opt for cereals such as cornflakes, oatmeal or coco crunch besides going for a choice of having a Malaysian breakfast comprising either plain porridge, fish porridge, chicken porridge, mee hoon soup, roti prata with dhall or nasi lemak.

The vegetarians, he added, has an option of either having a porridge, kway teow soup or a mee hoon soup.

“Patients have also another option of requesting for bread and pancake such as white bread, pancake, wholemeal bread or croissant with either margarine, marmalade, diabetic jam, unsalted butter, strawberry jam or honey. Together with the selection of breakfast they are also given mixed fruits platter and plain yogurt besides a wide range of beverages to choose from,” he added.

A Monday lunch will comprise a choice between a classic potato salad and garden mixed salad or cream of mushroom or fishball soup to go with the main menu such as Pais Ikan Daun Limau Purut with sauteed vegetables or Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce and vegetables. Vegetarians are given tofu with oriental pepper sauce and sautéed vegetables while children are given a choice between fish nuggets with potato wedges and coleslaw or chicken Maryland with potato wedges and coleslaw. Maternity patients are given wok fried sesame chicken ginger with vegetables.

Ramli said all these dishes are accompanied with either a choice of white rice, brown rice, soft roll, plain porridge, fish porridge, white bread, vegetable porridge, chicken porridge or whole meal bread.

“Together with the choices made, inpatients are also given for lunch either a mixed fruits platter or chilled longan,” he added.

For dinner, he said, patients have a choice of either a mexi corn salad, garden mixed salad, vegetarian dumpling soup or chicken chowder as an appetizer while as the main menu they can either opt for sweet and sour fish with mushroom and broccoli or chicken stroganoff with mushroom and broccoli.

For vegetarians, its kway teow noodle soup with dumpling; children either chicken stew with vegetables or grill sausage with potato wedges and coleslaw; maternity ikan singgang with mushroom and broccoli and all these are accompanied by rice, bread or porridge of their selection.

“We also follow strictly the doctor’s food recommendation including fluid restriction,” said Ramli adding that all food served at the hospital were halal.

PCMC’s Chief Dietician Datin Farah Di Ba Khan said inpatient meals are planned in accordance with the dietary guidelines for different diet requirements such as for children, maternity, vegetarian, diabetic, heart healthy, renal and other types of special diets.

“We, as dieticians, play a vital role in providing medical nutritional intervention and advise chefs on how to prepare food to address medical issues involving dietary intake. We work as a team to provide the best meals for inpatients so that they take the right food to recover from their illness.

She said the new inpatient menu provides nutritional care to patients in various disease states and conditions.

Datin Farah said food choices are important to expedite recovery process.

“We also advise patients on the type of food that they should take to prevent disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” she said, adding that at Prince Court Medical Centre dieticians and chefs organize in-house cooking demo, dietary counseling and public forums to educate the public on the importance of eating the right choice of food to maintain good health.

At the launch of the new in-patient menu, Malaysia Master Chef Dr Ezani Farhana Md Monoto dished out a menu – Samak Harra much to the delight of her audience and media members who also got to taste some of the in-patient food prepared by Prince Court chefs.

About Prince Court Medical Centre

Prince Court Medical Centre, the brainchild of Petronas, is recognized for its outstanding achievements and breakthroughs in the field of medicine. A hospital in the modern sense and futuristic in its architectural design and vision, provides the full spectrum of patient care in a single room at an unbeatable daily rate to ensure affordability while enjoying privacy and comfort. The 277 single rooms are specially designed to create a soothing and healing environment. The hospital is fully equipped with the latest state-of-the-art medical technology, revolutionary facilities, advanced technologies for diagnosis, treatment, primary and specialty care with emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration. It is one of the top medical centers in Asia for local and international patients. The hospital handles all types of cases including the very complex and complicated. It is also well known for its dedicated one stop wellness screening centre that offers preventive health screening packages as well as custom screening for Men, Women, children and even senior adults. It is also a Ministry of Health registered Yellow Fever vaccine centre. Prince Court operates a 24-hour Emergency and Primary Care Department.

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