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PETALING JAYA, Feb 17 (Bernama) -- start here. go anywhere’ is getting a whole new look at webe as the Company introduces the #SeeEveryEmotion campaign today. Malaysia’s Digital Mobility Services Provider is encouraging consumers to use the power of video to bring back the crucial element of visual — human emotions – into their everyday interactions.

webe’s approach in redefining the way Malaysian consumers communicate and live their lives to the fullest, sets webe apart from the other wireless service providers in Malaysia. With this positioning, webe makes it more than possible for consumers to enjoy the experience of video communication through its never-ending data, calls and SMS at RM79 per month.

“Video – its use, consumption and the creation of content on it – is an amazing space to be in. Through webe’s offering, webe is uniquely positioned to empower Malaysians visually and redefine the way we communicate. This is part of our constant focus on ensuring that we deliver to our consumers the best experience that we can, while meeting the needs of real people in ever evolving ways,” said Lai Shu Wei, Chief Marketing Officer, webe.

#SeeEveryEmotion is about empowering one of our 5 key senses: sight. Where consumers were previously limited to calls and text communications for the bulk of their mobile interactions, webe believes that the ability to see, as well as hear your loved ones will enhance the value of our everyday communications immeasurably. webe aims to show consumers how to take advantage of a never-ending data plan to explore video in every way.
“Human communication is based on emotion. Video allows us to engage with nuances that can only be seen - things like a look, or an expression - that can never be adequately brought to life through words or sounds only. Video is the way ahead, and where consumers who wanted it before this were limited by concerns such as the perceived high cost, accessibility, or availability of digital mobility solutions for real people; webe has now demonstrated again that such limitations are no longer the case,” added Lai.

webe’s focus is however beyond the simple enhancement of how we speak to each other. Instead, consumers can watch and interact with as much video as they want, from any source that they choose, all day and every day. They can do this without worrying about data caps, quotas or the need to top up their accounts to keep on watching or sharing any of the video content that they want.
webe’s never-ending data also encourages consumers to explore the delightful possibilities available to them through being able to see, as well as hear each other as they speak.
As consumers continue to become ever more mobile, access to data has become a need especially in the fast-growing video usage space. In fact, mobile video traffic is forecasted to grow by around 50 percent annually until 2022 to account for nearly 3 quarters of all mobile data traffic.
Even more telling is that social networking – a traditional focus of growth in the industry’s data consumption - is expected to grow by 39 percent annually over the coming 6 years. However, its relative share of traffic will decline from 15 percent in 2016 to around 10 percent in 2022, as a result of the stronger growth in the video category.
Additionally, the use of embedded video in social media and web pages continues to grow, fuelled by larger device screens, higher resolution and new platforms supporting live streaming. ¹
By removing all caps, limitations and restrictions on how consumers can actually use their mobile phones, webe’s approach focuses on redefining how consumers can be empowered to live their lives as they choose, while enjoying the nuances of being able to see their loved ones through video calls as they speak to them.
“We think of this as human to human communication and it is an extension of our community led and empowered business model. It is key to our need to constantly challenge the way things are done with a singular focus on offering our consumers the best possible experience at every point of our interaction. We aim to continue taking the lead in challenging what is normal in our industry and in the minds of consumers, by showing them that there is a better way. A never-ending data way,” Lai added.
For details on webe’s latest offerings, visit www.webe.com.my.

1 Ericsson Mobility Report November 2016 where Embedded video in social media and web pages is also counted as video traffic.- https://www.ericsson.com/mobility-report/mobile-traffic-by-application-category

About webe
webe is the new digital mobility service provider that is part of the TM Group. webe’s brand philosophy is unique – ‘start here. go anywhere.’ This exemplifies the diversity of how communities can come together to make things happen, for a better Malaysia. The brand exists for our communities to co-create positive change with the power of data, technology and collaboration.

As a testament to the company’s commitment to develop deeper relationships with the communities, webe launched its unique crowd-backing online community platform called ‘webe community’ to connect, collaborate, co-create, and empower individuals, groups, and members of the local community to band together to make what Malaysians care about happen.

Under TM’s aspiration of becoming the Malaysia’s Convergence Champion, webe will become the Centre of Excellence for Mobility in TM.

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