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YBhg Datuk Abdul Farid Alias, Group President and Chief Executive Officer of Maybank receiving the Best e-Payments Bank award from Governor Muhammad bin Ibrahim and Group Chief Executive Officer of PayNet, Mr Peter Schiesser. (From the left, Ybhg. Datuk Abdul Farid Alias, Governor Muhammad bin Ibrahim and Mr. Peter Schiesser)

KUALA LUMPUR, April 13 (Bernama) -- Payments Network Malaysia (PayNet) organised the Malaysian e-Payments Excellence Awards 2018 in Kuala Lumpur on 11 April 2018.

The Malaysian e-Payments Excellence Awards is an annual event that recognises the outstanding achievements of banks, businesses and government agencies that have contributed significantly towards excellence, innovation and growth in e-Payments.

Awards were given for banks, businesses and government agencies based on their achievements in 6 key e-Payment products and services:
  • Interbank GIRO (IBG) – Funds transfer service that allows bulk account-to-account credit transfers between 42 participating banks in Malaysia
  • FPX – Internet payment gateway, which facilitates Internet payments and e-commerce purchases using savings and current accounts, as well as line of credit accounts.
  • Direct Debit – Allows billers and merchants to debit a consumer's bank accounts on a periodic basis to collect recurring payments.
  • JomPAY – Malaysia's national bill payment scheme where customers can pay any registered biller from Internet or Mobile banking by drawing funds from Current, Savings or Credit Card accounts.  Billers need only sign up with one bank to collect payments via 42 banks.
  • MyDebit – Malaysia's domestic debit card scheme, which allows point-of-sale payments using debit cards issued by banks in Malaysia.
  • Instant Transfer (IBFT) – Funds transfer service that allows immediate account-to-account credit transfers on a 24 x7 basis.
The event saw the emergence of many deserving award winners whose achievements, innovation and commitment to excellence have again raised the bar on ePayment services, elevated customer experience, and pushed the boundaries of innovation. The award winners were:


“The annual Malaysian e-Payments Excellence Awards will continue to inspire and motivate banks, businesses and Government agencies to strive for excellence. I trust that this spirit of continuous improvement and innovation in pursuit of excellence will endure in the years to come” said Mr. Peter Schiesser, Group Chief Executive Officer of PayNet.
The guest-of-honour was the Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, Ybhg. Tan Sri Muhammad Bin Ibrahim. Attendees at the event included Mr. Donald Joshua Jaganathan Assistant Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia,  CEOs of 32 banks in Malaysia, as well as senior leaders of government agencies, and businesses.
In his closing remarks, Mr Peter Schiesser announced that PayNet will be co-hosting the Global Payments Summit on 19-20 September 2018.  The Global Payments Summit is an annual international event which brings together e-Payment thought leaders, subject matter experts and innovators.  PayNet will bring this event to Kuala Lumpur for the very first time.  “I would like to invite everyone here today to attend this event, which will offer in-depth discussions on contemporary issues, updates on latest state of e-Payments from across the globe, as well showcase fintech innovations,” said Mr Schiesser.
About PayNet

Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet, formerly known as Malaysian Electronic Clearing Corporation Sdn Bhd) is Malaysia's premier payments network and central infrastructure for financial markets. We innovate, build and operate world-class payment systems and financial market infrastructures that safely, reliably and efficiently enable the functioning and development of Malaysia's financial system as well as the economy as a whole. With Bank Negara Malaysia as PayNet's single largest shareholder and eleven major financial institutions as joint shareholders, PayNet also serves as a platform to harness the collaborative efforts of the Malaysian banking system to accelerate the adoption of electronic payments. For more information, please visit www.paynet.my.
SOURCE : Payments Network Malaysia (PayNet)

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