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Caption: Vivocom Group CEO Dato’ Seri Chia to transform Vivocom into a behemoth Conglomerate in the foreseeable future. Confident share price will perform well for shareholders with long term staying power as Vivocom’s fundamentals can only get better over time.

• Committed to not cashing out his shareholding for three years
• Aspires to transform Vivocom into a multi-billion conglomerate

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 22 (Bernama)-- Vivocom Int’l Holdings Berhad (stock code: 0069) Group CEO Dato’ Seri Chia Kok Teong’s voluntary self-imposed moratorium (SIM) serves as testimony to his vision of transforming Vivocom into a multi-billion group within the next few years. He is therefore dedicating all his efforts to creating wealth for all shareholders in the long term.
In an announcement to Bursa Malaysia on 5 November 2020, the company had announced that Dato’ Seri Chia had committed that he would not sell his personal stakes in Vivocom in the open market for the next three years.
In an announcement a fortnight ago, the Company had also disclosed to Bursa Malaysia that the Company’s corporate assets injection proposals submitted in December 2020 had already been approved by the relevant authorities.

Dato’ Seri Chia explained that the main purpose of his SIM is to instil confidence in the public of his long-term vision and plans of transforming Vivocom into a ‘formidable and profitable force’.
The SIM by Dato’ Seri Chia is significant, as, by committing to not sell his personal stakes in the open market for the foreseeable future, Dato’ Seri Chia hopes to inspire shareholders to show more faith and belief in his leadership and stewardship of Vivocom for the years ahead.  
Even the private placement shares taken up by Golden Key Portfolio Sdn Bhd has a moratorium period of 12 months, a condition imposed on the insistence of Dato’ Seri Chia.
Additionally, this would also serve to attract new and long-term investors into Vivocom and give the Company’s shares long term price stability and sustainability.
“It would be ideal if the Company’s shareholders adopt a long-term view as I do with my three-year SIM. It takes time to transform a company into a long-term success and I will work relentlessly towards such a goal,” Dato’ Seri Chia stated.
Moreover, as the Company’s CEO and single largest shareholder, the SIM clearly shows that Dato’ Seri Chia already has a clear plan with a long-term vision and supreme confidence in Vivocom’s future, the company said in a statement.
Big Ambitions & Long-Term Vision
“We want a stable and strong share price so that Vivocom can use its shares as a currency to pursue strategic merger and acquisition (M&A) activities as part of our future growth strategies,” said Dato’ Seri Chia.
“We seek to acquire companies with game-changing and disruptive strategies in their businesses to add to or help transform Vivocom’s business models. We must adapt to a constantly changing or digitalised world and look at new and different ways of doing business better going forward,” he added.
“We are also looking at businesses within the renewable energy and digital technologies segments. These two segments would add to our existing businesses,” he continued, adding that Vivocom will be focusing on companies with proven track record of success.
High Growth Mergers & Acquisitions Strategy
In addition, the Vivocom Group is also constantly looking for exciting businesses that are pioneers in their respective markets with ‘explosive growth potential and super abnormal earnings’. 
Dato’ Seri Chia explained that Vivocom aims to find the “next Grab, Netflix or Tesla; in other words, ‘industry disruptors with explosive growth potential’.
“The Company is studying all avenues for ‘blockbuster’ growth, both organic or inorganic, and it may even lead us to acquiring strategic stakes in other Public Listed Companies for investment holding purposes. We have already begun to explore several such initiatives. Our goal is to transform our earning capabilities dramatically,” he said.
Long Term Dedication, Patience & Perseverance
“Going forward, the Company and its shareholders must show patience, persistence and perseverance. Success does not occur overnight. However, I am confident that we can attain stunning success in time to come. It will definitely be a worthwhile journey,” said Dato’ Seri Chia.
“Since joining Vivocom in January 2020, the Company’s share performance has grown from 15 sen to presently 93.5 sen at last Friday (19th February)’s close. I am grateful to our shareholders for their show of faith and belief in Vivocom.”
“I am even more optimistic that Vivocom’s shares will continue to perform strongly as the best is yet to come. We are pursuing M&A deals and exploring business opportunities non-stop. We are confident that the future looks promising and very bright indeed,” Dato’ Seri Chia stated.
“We are also close to finalising a few substantial size mega projects on multiple fronts and, once secured conclusively, we will make the necessary announcements. These projects will contribute very significantly to Vivocom’s profits and cashflow. So do keep track of Vivocom’s affairs closely and wait for the good news.”
“Vivocom’s share is undoubtedly strong and resilient with splendid liquidity rarely seen in an ACE company. We would upgrade to the Main Board as soon as the opportunity arises and pay dividends whenever we can.”
“We would like to reward our long term shareholders for their loyalty and faith shown in the Company,” concluded Dato’ Seri Chia.
Vivocom’s share has seen a meteoric rise since Dato’ Seri Chia first bought into the Company in January 2020 when, as mentioned earlier, the share price was at 15 sen.
It closed at 93.5 sen last Friday (19th February), representing a staggering 623% rise since Dato’ Seri Chia’s entry into Vivocom – and with further upside potential given the CEO’s vision, determination and resourcefulness to transform the Group into a behemoth Conglomerate.
SOURCE:: Vivocom Int’l Holdings Berhad
Name: David Hah
Executive Director



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