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Tuesday 23/02/2021


CEO Dato’ Seri Chia Kok Teong explained that the new name embodied the Group’s aspirations for ‘exponential growth ahead’, and is a reflection of it transforming eventually into a ‘behemoth conglomerate’ within the next few years.

• New name signifies stability, permanence and strength for shareholders ahead
• New logo embodies Group’s aspirations for “exponential growth ahead”

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 23 (Bernama) -- In a filing to Bursa Malaysia this evening, Vivocom Int’l Holdings Berhad (‘Vivocom’) announced that it will be changing its name to VinVest Capital Holdings Berhad, or ‘VinVest’ for short.
The proposal for name-change to VinVest Capital Holdings Berhad has been submitted to Bursa Malaysia and will go through a vetting due process before the change can be effected.
Meanwhile CEO Dato’ Seri Chia Kok Teong explained that the new name embodied the Group’s aspirations for ‘exponential growth ahead’, and is a reflection of it transforming eventually into a ‘behemoth conglomerate’ within the next few years.
“The past few months have been monumental for the Vivocom Group when we have achieved new milestones and our corporate history rewritten,” said Dato’ Seri Chia.
“It will undoubtedly be an ‘exciting journey’ ahead and we believed the timing was right to re-brand and re-position our new mission and vision going forward.”
The Group’s new gold logo serves to reflect the Group’s growth aspirations, with the wings beneath the ‘V’ symbolising “a Rising Phoenix flying ever higher where the sky’s the limit in a World where opportunities abound”.
“Gold is often associated with prestige, influence and purity. It is also inherently optimistic, uplifting and invigorating,” explained Dato’ Seri Chia.
He added that the colour gold also serves to represent the Group’s pivot towards “strong immense growth in profits, stature and ultimately in creating massive wealth for shareholders in an honourable and dignified manner.” 
“We are aware of the legacy issues associated with our Group, and the misconception that we are a pump-and-dump counter. I would like to dispel such a notion conclusively as the shares are now on a steady, steadfast and stable path.”
“We are proud of the enormous interests and followings in the Company’s shares which are simply pure market forces driving in tremendous liquidity and momentum,” Dato' Seri Chia assured.
The Company’s share price was 15 sen when Dato' Seri Chia first bought into Vivocom in January 2020, and has been rising steadily since then. It closed at RM0.975 on Monday, 22nd February 2021. This represented a staggering 650% increase from January 2020.
“My self-imposed moratorium or SIM, was a notable first in the market. My SIM is my long-term commitment to the company in that I will not sell any of my personal stake for 3 years – and possibly even 5 years. This will ensure the company’s long-term price stability and sustainability.”
“We want a stable and strong share price so that the Company can use its shares with its high liquidity as a currency for M&A activities to fund and fast-track expansion and growth,” he said.
“A strong share with high liquidity is a most valuable and prized asset. We will use it to buy Companies with game-changing and disruptive strategies to help transform or enhance our own income generation capabilities. To look for the Next Big Thing.”
Vivocom is currently seeking businesses within the renewable energy and digital technologies segments. These two segments would add to our existing businesses,” Dato’ Seri Chia shared.
“My team and I are committed to building Vivocom into a reputable public company. One with exciting exponential growth yet with sound and sustainable fundamentals of solid profits and healthy cashflow.
“Going forward, the Group and shareholders must show patience, persistence and perseverance as success may not occur overnight. You have my word however that we will do everything possible to upgrade to the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia and be dividends paying soonest possible.”
“Of course its goes without saying, may Vivocom’s shares keep soaring like the Phoenix rising ever to the Skies,” added Dato’ Seri Chia.
“For the long term, we aspire to emulate Berkshire Hathaway strategy started over 40 years ago by Mr Warren Buffet. Mr Masayoshi Son built SoftBank Group along the same philosophy and Alphabet in US adopted similar strategies.”
“These three companies are presently amongst the most valuable and admired companies in the world. I have the same dream for VinVest Capital Holdings Berhad going forward. A New Era Has Just Begun!” concluded Dato' Seri Chia.
Source: Vivocom Intl Holdings Berhad (to be known as VinVest Capital Holdings Berhad)
Name: David Hah
Executive Director



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