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However, continued steps needed to assist local players to ensure fair competition while fostering local innovation

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 7 (Bernama) -- The National Tech Association of Malaysia (PIKOM) and e-Commerce Malaysia, a chapter of PIKOM, welcome the recent announcement by Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil that the government does not intend to block or close social media and other related platforms, including TikTok’s marketplace in Malaysia, TikTok Shop when he spoke to the press after the recording of  Suara Anak Muda programme at Aswara on December 1, 2023.
We are also heartened that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is currently developing a comprehensive framework to register and regulate social media and other related platforms within the country.
Such policies should be formulated in collaboration with industry to ensure that upcoming regulations do not stifle innovation and, instead, encourage local businesses and the rakyat to embrace the benefits of being actively involved in Malaysia’s thriving Digital Economy.
This upcoming initiative, which the honoured Minister said would be ready within a month, is a significant step towards further nurturing the continued growth of our country’s Digital Economy.
Other countries such as Australia and Indonesia have already implemented comprehensive policies to govern and regulate social media platforms. These policies are designed to ensure, amongst others, a ‘balanced’ approach whereby free speech flourishes without being undermined by the spread of ‘fake news’.
Our previous engagements with both government bodies and private sector players have consistently advocated for a collaborative approach between both sides, particularly in areas affecting the digital marketplace and e-commerce landscape.
The upcoming MCMC framework aligns with this vision, presenting an opportunity to craft policies that are both equitable and beneficial for all stakeholders involved.
PIKOM and e-Commerce Malaysia reiterate that such regulations should also ensure that local businesses, products and enablers are prioritised over foreign players, thereby fostering a digital marketplace landscape whereby Malaysian enterprises can continuously thrive while maintaining competitive fairness.
We are optimistic that the MCMC will take measures to prevent the ‘dumping of foreign goods’ in Malaysia, ensuring that the digital marketplace remains conducive for locally-owned enterprises. This is not only a matter of economic policy but also of national interest and pride.
In line with this, PIKOM and e-Commerce Malaysia firmly believe that businesses participating in e-commerce activities within our borders should work actively with locally-owned players.
This stance is to ensure that the benefits of digital trade accrue primarily to Malaysian entrepreneurs and not to foreign companies selling cross-border.
Our recommendations, as previously outlined, remain relevant and pressing:
· Active engagement of TikTok Shop and other similar social commerce entities with local communities and industry associations for policy formation.
· Prioritisation of capacity building for local players in the digital market.
· Strategic partnerships for community investment in local talent and SMEs.
· Ensuring local brands and enablers are prioritised in consumer traffic.
We support MCMC to consider these elements in their framework to create a digital ecosystem that is equitable, sustainable and reflective of Malaysia’s unique market dynamics.
In closing, PIKOM and e-Commerce Malaysia would like to again extend our gratitude to the Ministry and MCMC for their proactive approach. We remain committed to working alongside the government and international platforms, advocating for a digital landscape where both local and global entities can coexist, collaborate and contribute towards a prosperous and robust Malaysian Digital Economy.


Name: Nurul Asyiqin Nasir
Head of Corporate and Industry Affairs
Tel: +6(012)580 5135 



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